Medicines Australia, Room with a Patient View

In Canberra on June 23rd Simone and Meredith attended the Medicines Australia, Room with A Patient View. The event was a way of getting patient organisations together with a focus on the House of Rep Inquiry around access to new medicines and innovative technologies. NECA made a submission to this inquiry and it is important that we drive our recommendations forward to ensure our NET patients get access to the latest diagnostics and treatments and are not delayed unnecessarily through the Health Technology Assessment system.

David Lockwood, our NET ambassador from Goulburn did a wonderful job sharing his story with Tracey Spicer, from diagnosis to now, raising awareness about the importance of healthcare professional education. It was a great event, enabling us to meet with our fellow patient organisations and our Canberra friends Lynda and Simon. Well done to Medicines Australia and the organising committee including our very own Meredith Cummins.



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