Seth Cullen- For my Aunty Katie

Hi my name is Seth and I am 12, and I am wanting to raise awareness for Neuroendocrine cancer. My Aunty Katie was diagnosed a few years ago, I am so proud of her in every way possible, through her struggles, surgery's, highs and lows she has never lost hope. My Aunty Katie always has a smile on her face and even on the not so good days she always has time for me. I want to gain awareness around this sort of cancer and raise some money to support it. I will be shaving my hair off on Wednesday 31 of March all money raised will go to this great foundation. Please donate if you can if you are unable to please take the time to read up on Neuroendocrine cancer awareness of this is important. I love you Aunty Katie
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  1. Kasey Kaczmarczyk

    I am in awe of your kind heart Seth! Ms Kacz
  2. Mindi White

    Great work Seth! You've smashed your fund-raising goal 🥳
  3. Mark Dorman

    Great work Seth. Keep it going Legend.
  4. Maureen Locke

  5. Boga Belinda

    Amazing effort! Well done!
  6. Anonymous

    Your super brave seth, you're very thoughtful and I'm proud to call you my friend love Shayla Seth your a great boy I like your new hair cut love Jaycob
  7. Jacob Sanderson

    Good job Seth! Bald head suits you mate keep up the good work
  8. Bea Hale

    You are doing something amazing
  9. Anonymous

    Hi Seth You have a wonderful family that we have known for a very long time. Your wonderful effort is clearly a reflection of your family values. Well done!
  10. Jane Leal

    Hi Seth. My mum has the same type of cancer that your aunty has and it makes me sad too. I love that you are doing something so selfless to show how much you care about her. You should be very proud of yourself. I hope you raise lots of money and your aunty is ok x
  11. Ryan Ellison

  12. Kara Heinl

    You are amazing Seth!!! X
  13. Megan Kalsbeek

    What a great thing you're doing Seth!
  14. Clare Glassford

    Super proud of you Seth!
  15. Robyn Hughes

    Good work Seth! You are amazing. Love all of us xx
  16. John Ellison

    Its a fine thing that you are doing Seth. The hair will grow back and the impact you have made will go on.
  17. Cheryl Coleman

    Great job Seth!
  18. Kaila Drysdale

    What and amazing thing to be doing Seth!... well done 👍
  19. Anonymous

    Seth school friends
  20. Kate and Jack Mest

    Seth was only 7 years old when I was first diagnosed but age has never stopped him being a tower of support for me. At times when I was recovering from surgery and treatment, Seth would keep me company, watching movies and telling me jokes. When I needed to build my strength, he would gently play basketball or walk slowly with me around our block. Every step of the way, Seth has been there keeping my spirits high and helping in anyway he can. There is no doubt Seth has helped me get to where I am today- happy and well. I'm so proud of you Seth, now you are not only helping me but lots of others and by raising awareness you are making real difference! Love you lots Seth, Aunty Katie xx
  21. Rochelle Bozzer

    Yay Seth so proud of you 😀
  22. Knowles Family

    Good effort Seth!!
  23. Melissa Smith

    Go Seth!
  24. Joel and Grace Artup

    Go Seth!! Such a good cause.
  25. Ben Maiden