World NET Cancer Day 2017

What an incredible World NET Cancer Day November 10, thanks to all our loyal supporters and friends.

November 10 is World NET Cancer Day, with the goal to raise awareness about Neuroendocrine (NET) cancers in the hope for earlier diagnosis for sufferers. In Australia, thanks to the support of over 65 cafes and even more businesses we distributed 30,000 branded coffee cups with the message #letstalkaboutnets. With the help of our fantastic ambassador Michelle Monaghan as well as news outlets around the country sharing patient stories, we were able to reach millions of people with our message. It was amazing to see our patients get involved from all corners of the country, enlisting their local communities to help them with the cause, as well as raising some money along the way for research. Watch our short videos here of some of the highlights of the day.


Thank you to the media who helped our cause including Channel 9 (Adelaide, Melbourne and National news), Canberra Weekly, Courier Mail, Dubbo News, Maquarie Media (2GB radio) and many more. Where would we be without social media, with twitter, facebook and instagram alight with images across the day (and the week). For full news segments click below and be sure to visit here, to view the full list of cafes who helped us on the day. Special thanks to reporters Emily Rice and James Wakelin for sharing the stories of our patients in the hope that we can save others. We are so grateful to patients and carers including Amanda Stork, Kate Ellison, Rachel James, Kathy Hatzis, Jackie and Tayla Barreau, Mark Bucknall and Carol Burford to name just a few who spoke about their journey with NETs. With such a successful campaign watch out for next year!


Canberra Weekly Article

Courier Mail – Brisbane

Daily Liberal – Dubbo 

HER Canberra 


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