Evan Robinson

Evan Robinson is my husband, my best friend and my carer. Words can’t express the love and gratitude I feel for his caring and love throughout my journey. He is always there, always ready to listen to my constant whingeing about my illness, he makes me laugh about myself and is always asking what he can do, how I am doing and how can he help. I couldn’t make this journey without him.

Professor Jas Samra

Professor Jas Samra is the leading surgeon in NSW in robotic pancreatic surgery. He used a robot to remove my NETs and he managed to save my spleen. I KNOW how fortunate I am because of him and his amazing ability and technology. Not is he only brilliant in his ability, but his manner of explaining things and having a wonderful bedside manner makes this whole adventure easier.

Mariana Andreotti Dias

My wife has had NETs for five years. Her fight continuous, because she was diagnosed at a late stage. She has 31 years old and she is a very strong person, PHD student, teacher and fighter.

Dr Jin Hee Cho

After receiving results from a colonoscopy I had an appointment with Jin the next day. I just knew everything was taken care of and thought of with him. After surgery when we had more information he organised the oncologist appointment also. He is part of my team for monitoring, has been there every single day during hospital stays with a smile for surgeries and responded to any other questions.

David Edbrooke

David Edbrooke, our ‘Database Whisperer’ is one of the true quiet achievers of our community! When David heard about the state of our database, which was very much in need of some expert TLC, he willingly stepped into the fray, and magically tweaking things to work better than we could have imagined. Dave is the reason you can call our NET Nurse, and within moments, she is able to find the details of all the previous conversations and emails from the previous five years. Thank you David.

Kate Wakelin

What can I say about Kate that hasn’t already been said.. This lady is the calmest person I know that just seems to know exactly what to say and when.. Kate is a wealth of information and just an amazing person.. We love you Kate..

Mark Camilleri

Mark is our NEGU Champion! His wit and humour is always something that makes me smile. Always supportive and wanting to raise awareness about a cancer that is super hard to understand. My new ally and confidant in a mini circle makes me happy too, but most of all, I love his never give up attitude and we do all need a Mark in our lives!

Simone Leyden

Because of this lady we have what we have now. I have never meet a more determined person in my life. Simone inspires me, and I am sure a lot of people with her never give up attitude.. Thank you for everything you do for us NETTERS..

Mel Kerney

My wife has truly shown me what unconditional love is and stood by my side for the last 10years but especially the last 3. She understands so many things about NET Cancer which makes me very proud. Displays my unicorn for me, holds my hand when I am nervous, holds me up when I feel down and picks up when I cant get things done. My life, my rock. A true champion!

Helen Robinson

Helen is one amazing person.. Loves her Curly Kids, is an amazingly talented photographer and designed and gets made our NEGU t shirts.. She just goes along day by day doing what she loves and takes the whole NETs thing in her stride. Helen is all champion..

Denise Brown

Denise works in the background as a volunteer. She is very much involved with the discussion group, the Consumer Advisory Group (CAG) and the Cancer Connect telephone peer to peer service. All of this while going through her own medical journey. Denise, with her positivity, knowledge and winning smile gives us practical information, emotional support, and hope. Her dedication is wonderful.

David Lockwood

David has been there since I can remember. He has enthusiasm for knowledge and shares it with everyone in our private NECA group. I value his experience and understanding of such a complex cancer. He is a true champion as he is living it and sharing with anyone who needs a hand. On a personal note, he is fast becoming a great ally and support for me. Champ!

Dr Ganessan Kichenadasse

My first Oncologist in 2016 when I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and later in 2017 NETs. Amazing person who greeted me with a smile and concise accurate information about Neuroendocrine Cancer and the Unicorn Foundation (now NECA). Provided holistic care to me as an individual and I never got to thank him properly! So thank you Dr Kichenadasse, you are a gem and I am so glad you were my Oncologist!

Mark Camilleri

When I hear NEGU, I think of Mark Camilleri and his saying, “Never Ever Give Up”. Here is a patient who has faced many uncertain treatments and through this has always offered advice. Funny, uplifting and caring. Laugh out loud moments are plentiful. His adorable happy face, wit and sometimes dark humour is treasured and valued within the discussion group. We all need a bit of Mark in our lives.

Julie Alldridge

After being told that I needed Sandostatin LAR I enrolled in the EShine Programme rather than travel to the hospital. Jules has been my Butt Jab Person for 4 years now and has not only become an important person in my journey, but a good friend too. She makes me laugh even with a big needle in her hand! She lives close by and has always been there for me . I am truly blessed. #NetsChampion

Kate Wakelin

My husband Andrew was diagnosed with NETs in Dubai in May 2020. After being introduced to the fantastic NETs web site, I reached out to Kate as our first point of call as we navigated this new world. She virtually held my hand as we made forward arrangements to meet with oncologists in Aust. Kate’s reassuring, respectful, caring approach and her commitment to this cause is awesome. Thanks Kate.

Virginia Chang

Virginia was around during the first PRRT or Lutate infusions in Australia several years ago, and although now retired she comes back to train other nurses in protocols and procedures. She hasn’t left the Lutate program at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney and remembers all of us. A brilliant and experienced nurse who we always ask for if on shift.

A/Prof Rory Clifton-Bligh

I would like to nominate my Endocrinologist Assoc Prof. Rory Clifton-Bligh. He has been an amazing support for me through my NETS journey, pro-active & compassionate & I would love for him to be acknowledged.

Nellie Danis

My daughter Nellie has been with me every step of the way since my diagnosis of NETs. Nothing has fazed her from vomit, nearly passing out in the nude, jibberish talk, ICU, stoma, brushing the knots out of my hair in the shower to happier days cooking, walking, watching trashy reality TV and gardening. She relocated from the city to our home country town with her wonderful husband Michael! Fab xx

Katie Golden

I am in awe of Katie Golden!  She has had more treatments & surgeries than probably anyone else, and yet she still volunteers her time to help other patients through NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia, and also the Cancer Council.  All this while caring for her own family including her children who were only very young when she was first diagnosed.  I think she deserves a medal! 🙂

Michael Doyle

Tears grief & shock were never going to get dad anywhere & they weren’t going to stop cancer advancing. A novice to computers dad set upon researching this villain that neither he or the oncologists we encountered had experience of let alone treating. All of WA should know there is a Fighter working to help those out there still chasing a diagnosis and information about this uncommon villain.

Stephanie Lindores

I don’ think that I have met anyone as caring as Steph during my journey so far. I would give her a lot of stick, and she me, but I know that my well-being and my health was always first on her list when I was scheduled for Lutate at the Nuclear Medicine Department, Royal Brisbane and Women’ Hospital. When I needed her, she was always there for me and I will never forget her kindness and her care.

NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia

NECA – for the tireless work they do advocating for NET patients. Funding clinical trials and research into NETs, lobbying for equitable access to treatments and scans for all patients across Australia, raising awareness of NETs by educating Health Professionals and the wider community or supporting patients and carers through access to a Specialist NET Nurse , support groups and an online discussion group.

Lynda Dunstone

Lynda facilitates the Canberra support meetings. She inspires others to move forward and knows about strength and coping strategies together with many treatments and side effects while delivering NETs news. As a NETs survivor, we learn the medical jargon and so much more. Lynda is also a CAG member who advocates for all of us. Her volunteer work is amazing.

Kate Wakelin

Kate’s incredible knowledge of NeuroEndocrine cancer along with her compassionate manner got me through mentally after being diagnosed by providing direction and advice. Kate does outstanding work in keeping me and all Australian NeuroEndocrine cancer patients informed and updated on latest treatments, news and research, and is the ‘go to’ person when questions need to be answered fast.

Jessica Mercurio

Jess is the NET Nurse at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Adelaide). This unique role provides support to all NET patients in S.A., as well as running our Adelaide NET Support Group. Jess’ warm, compassionate manner is so appreciated by her patients, and she often goes beyond the call, in providing this care. We are so lucky to have colleagues like Jess around Australia, caring for our NET community.

Prof Rod Hicks

Rod has served as a dedicated board member of NECA since 2014 and is a dedicated patient advocate devoting the last 20 years to improving treatments and outcomes for NET patients through his expertise in nuclear medicine. Rod’s major contribution to developing PET scans in Australia for guiding the management of patients with NET. Rod is globally respected and recognised in this field and works tirelessly to educate others, volunteering his knowledge around the world.

Dr Bryan Chan

Dr Chan is a Medical Oncologist in Sunshine Coast Qld and is a highly regarded NETs Specialist. We are so fortunate to have the privilege of working with Bryan. He is always very willing to assist NECA in activities to enhance the care and support for NET patients and their families. He is also on the Steering Committee in the development of the upcoming accredited education program for GPs.

Margaret Martiensen

Margaret was diagnosed in February 2015, and has quietly rallied her close knit family resulting in Alice volunteering her business as our Graphic Designers, and Margaret’s son Stephen organised a much appreciated donation through his work foundation. Thank you Margaret for being a #NETsChampion, by paying it forward you’ve assisted greatly in raising awareness of NETs in Australia.