Hobart Information Session: Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer

On February 27 our Project Officer, Meredith Cummins attended the Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Information Session held in Hobart’s Sandy Bay.

Alana Fitzgibbon the Clinical Nurse Consultant of Gastrointestinal Cancers at the Royal Hobart Hospital was approached to work collaboratively on an Information Session for Upper Gastrointestinal Cancers.

Our target audience was patients with Upper GI cancers and their families and health professionals.

Guest speakers from the Royal Hobart Hospital and Not for Profit Organisations that worked in the area of Upper GI Cancers were approached to present.

The Guest Speakers were:

  • Robert Bohmer-General/Hepatobiliary Surgeon, RHH
  • Jacqui Slater- General/Hepatobiliary Surgeon, RHH
  • Melanie Wuttke-Medical Oncologist, RHH
  • Nathalia Krelling-Senior Dietician, RHH
  • Meredith Cummins-NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia
  • Shannon Gleeson-Pancare Foundation

Each Upper GI Cancer was discussed with Dr Bohmer and Dr Slater presented surgical management, Dr Wuutke discussed medical management of these cancers, Nathalia Krelling gave advice on nutrition, Meredith Cummins gave an overview of Neuroendocrine cancers, diagnosis, management, Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer and future plans for educating Health Professionals and the community, and Shannon Gleeson spoke of services provided by Pancare.

39 participants attended:

  • 5 x Oesophageal Cancer
  • 6 x Pancreatic Cancer 
  • 1 x Stomach Cancer 
  • 4 x NETS-Neuroendocrine Tumours 
  • 1 x Throat Cancer 
  • 1 x Melanoma 
  • 18 x Carers 
  • 3 x Health Professionals

General Feedback from the session was:

“Perfect amount of time to try and absorb information. Really informative with excellent speakers and information. Glad that speakers overlapped with information”

The attendees were asked “What was the most valuable thing you learnt?

‘Discussion on Immunotherapy and why it doesn’t work as yet for NET’s’

‘Current status of genetic testing and immunology. Advances in cancers of the oesophagus and stomach’ ‘Good overview’

‘Learnt how my operation needs to be taken care of and managed’

‘Fabulous’ ‘I have both prostate cancer 14 years and Carcinoid cancer 10 years. I gained a great deal from the discussions’

‘The rapid advancement of treatments compared to 8 years ago when I had a Whipples operation’

‘Dietician-practical suggestions good. How to live with cancer. NET cancer-highlight usually has low profile’

‘General information from the different specialists’

‘How the slides showed all aspects of cancers’


‘I felt reassured by listening to the surgeons who performed the Whipple. I felt I had wonderful treatment’

‘Huge range of help available’

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