Kathy Hatzi

Kathy Hatzi

1.      What impact has NETs had on your life?

It has made me really take notice of and appreciate life. Rather than getting upset and sweating the small stuff it brings the priorities into focus and has given me perspective. It has also given me the opportunity to offer support and understanding to others which I enjoy.

2.      What drew you to become involved as a Support Group Facilitator?

I was roped into it by Brydie and Jamie but I don’t regret it for a moment. Our group was not offering anything or achieving much so I was happy to try and change that.  I realise support groups are not for everyone but it worried me that if patients did have a need they weren’t hearing about us or if they did there wasn’t any real connections being made.  I have experience in life coaching and facilitation so thought those skills would prove useful.  We now have a great group. All very caring, supportive, sharing and welcoming.

3.      What advice would you to give to a newly diagnosed patient?  What has been most helpful to you in your NET experience?

Find out as much as you can from people who have been through the same experience and be comfortable enough to ask your Dr everything. Take a breath and recognise it is usual to go through a grieving period when first being diagnosed.  However, remember not only is this a rare type of cancer it is also very unique.  We will all share similarities but each of us will have a slightly different journey and experience.

The most helpful thing to me was talking to someone who had been living with NETs for 20 years. Listening to hers and others experiences and tapping into their knowledge was reassuring and comforting.

Patient Stories

David Lockwood

I have Neuroendocrine cancer. No one should feel alone and this is my #CancerKindness story.

Kristen Leknius

After almost 5 years of misdiagnoses, Kristen was diagnosed with NETs at only 43 years of age. Kristen’s initial diagnosis was grim, thankfully a second opinion and access to PRRT treatment successfully reduced her tumour and gave Kristen a second chance at life.

Demi Gough

On the 8th of October 2019 I found out I was expecting my second child. Less than two weeks later I was rushed in for emergency surgery for appendicitis. Two weeks after the surgery I was diagnosed with a NET inside my removed appendix

Michael Doyle

The more I read and understood about PRRT I just kept thinking why aren’t I receiving this treatment? I have inoperable and incurable NETs so I wanted something to give me hope.