INFO4NETs Online Resource now Live.

The much anticipated INFO4NETs platform (trial phase) is now LIVE and we are calling on our Neuroendocrine Cancer community to provide feedback.

Developed by Dr Lisa Guccione from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for the NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia website in collaboration with NET specialists from around the country and supported by the Victorian Cancer Agency, INFO4NETs will provide newly diagnosed patients with access to the resources they need in one easy to use web platform.

So that we can continue to develop this platform, develop additional relevant content and make it a useful resource for all people with NETs and those that care for them, we are asking for interested participants to provide feedback in the trial period.

This feedback will help us further develop the platform to ensure that the resources and content provided assist neuroendocrine cancer patients now and in the future.

If you answered YES, we’d value your feedback.

You can take as long as you like to navigate through the platform, but we anticipate that the questionnaire will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Being diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer (NETs) can be an overwhelming and lonely experience.
After a NET diagnosis a patient may have many unanswered questions. What is neuroendocrine cancer? Where can you access information about your NET diagnosis? What treatment is available? Is there support available? How do you tell your family and friends?

Your feedback will help us modify and improve this resource so that it can become a useful tool for all diagnosed NET patients in the future. 

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