Being diagnosed with cancer can be a very scary and confronting experience.

Being diagnosed with neuroendocrine (sometimes called NETs or Carcinoid) cancer, can be even more confusing and daunting due to the lack of information and resources readily available.

Therefore one of the main aims of NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia is to provide easy to understand information, as well as support for those affected by NETs, by allowing them to connect with others who have been through similar experiences through a variety of means.

We have established patient support groups across Australia, click through to find the one closest to you.

Click through for extensive patients resources: factsheets and booklets and other NET resources.

Click here to telephone our NET Nurse hotline for general advice about your NET diagnosis, or to register for a call back.

Read personal NET stories and learn more about individual diagnoses from patients across the country. 

Find NET specialists and medical practitioners who are experienced in the management of neuroendocrine cancers.

 View all current clinical trials taking place for neuroendocrine cancer patients in Australia.