Lets WALK for NETs!

Hop to it!  It’s almost Easter and in collaboration with exercise app 10,000 Steps we have developed a virtual walk for our community.

Keeping social distancing in mind (making sure you stay 1.5 metres apart), grab a close friend or family member and get out in the fresh air. Walk around your streets, your back yard, or to the shop for essentials. 

Set your own personal walking goals, with your own health in mind, but let’s each aim for 5,000 steps a day! Your team at NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia will be walking alongside you, so let’s do this together! #LetsWALKforNETs

Our challenge kicks off on Easter Friday, 10th April and will run for 6 weeks. Hop to it!!

Keep a healthy body and mind

Grab a close friend or family member and get out into the fresh air, walk around your streets, your backyard, or to the shop for essentials and track those steps, let's all aim for 5,000 steps a day!

Set up healthy habits

Included within the 10,000 Steps app is the option to check off daily healthy habits. Have you had your recommended daily serve of fruit and veg today?

Get Social

Take your mind off what's going on and have a bit of fun, whilst keeping your body moving. Take a picture and post it to our facebook group! #LetsWALKforNETs

Ready, Set, Go!

Using the 10,000 Steps app, track your physical activity levels. The more you move the further we all move along the virtual track!

How do I join!

Joining is simple! Simply follow the 3 steps below:


Register your details using the 10,000 Steps app/website.

You can login on your computer or download the app via your phones app store. 

Click this link to access the 10,000 Steps website and make sure you set your daily steps goal to 5,000!


Send your registration details to NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia.

Once you have registered with 10,000 Steps, please send an email to us using the same email address you used to register. We will then add you to our “Let’s WALK for NETs” Tournament.

Send all emails to: deanne@neuroendocrine.org.au 


Let’s WALK for NETs! 

Help us spread the word! From Friday 10th of April start walking! Accumulate as many steps as you can, making sure you record them in the 10,000 Steps app.

And don’t forget to get on social #LetsWALKforNETs

We would love to see you all on this virtual challenge to help us all stay connected and healthy.

For more information on this walk or on ways you can turn this challenge into a fundraiser contact our Community Engagement Coordinator, Deanne Aitken deanne@neuroendocrine.org.au 

Let your community know you're getting involved! Upload a photo of yourself walking or use one of these templates below #LetsWALKforNETs

Guide for Participants

Download a copy of the Guide for Participants

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