A new era in the optimal planning of treatment and research of Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) in Australia.

What is the PLANET Registry and PLANET Patient App and why is it so important?

NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia, in collaboration with the eResearch department at Melbourne University, have developed a world class Neuroendocrine Tumour (NET) registry and mobile app.

The Planet App allows patients to enter information relevant to their ongoing NET care provided by their health professionals and will assist in accurately recording their personal stats, housing all relevant information in one location.

This data will then be safely and securely uploaded by the relevant hospital to assist in the collection of vital data and future care and treatment for all NET patients.

The PLANET registry and PLANET patient app allows patients to safely and securely record vital data directly into the registry.

Quality of Life Survey

Quality of Life survey questions are asked to collect feedback about your general well-being and happiness or unhappiness about life.

Bristol Stool Scale

The Bristol Stool Scale is a diagnostic medical tool designed to classify the form of human faeces into seven categories.

Weekly Vitals

Recording your weight weekly will help you and your medical team to identify any fluctuations quickly. 

ECOG Performance

Developed by the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, ECOG performance measures how NETs impacts a patient’s daily living abilities.

The PLANET registry and PLANET patient app features and benefits:

Safe and secure (patient information remains de-identified).

Endorsed by Melbourne University eResearch department.

Streamlining the collection of accurate patient data.

Assisting in the collection of vital data for the future care and treatment of NET patients.

IMPORTANT information regarding the PLANET patient app

To ensure the safety and security of this app, a unique verification code will be required to access the app. ONLY your clinician will be able to provide you with this code AFTER you have consented to being added to the PLANET registry.
Download the PLANET app using the instructions below and ask your clinician for your unique authentication code at your next appointment so you can start entering your vitals today.

Downloading the PLANET patient app is simple and doing so will assist your healthcare team in providing you with better support and specialised neuroendocrine cancer care.

To download the PLANET app for iOS

To download the PLANET app for Android

Frequently Asked Questions

If you receive any error message, please make a note of the error and the time of the error and give the information back to the clinician that gave you these instructions.

To change your notification frequency, go to “Settings”, click on “Reminders”, enable notifications, and set the time and frequency you want to be sent an alert.

From time to time you may receive a message from your clinician. It is the hope of this project, to be able to easily identify patients for clinical trials so that we can improve NET research into the future.

This is a discussion to have with your clinician or nurse, however, we suggest this simple guide based on your treatments:
Treatment App Use Frequency
SSA Monthly
PRRT Monthly
Chemo–Carbo/Etop 3 weekly
CAPTEM 4 weekly
Everolimus Initially 1-2 weeks, then 4 – 6 weekly
Sunitinib Initially 1-2 weeks, then 4 – 6 weekly
Telotristat Variable depending on other treatment

The following video demonstrates how the app works:

Participating Hospitals

There are currently 5 participating NET hospitals across Australia:
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Melbourne)
Royal North Shore Hospital (Sydney)
Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (Brisbane)
Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Adelaide)
Fiona Stanley Hospital (Perth)

We would like to thank our wonderful patients for being involved in this vital project and only by working together can we look forward to a better future.

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