Introducing NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia

We are excited to announce that the Unicorn Foundation will be rebranding to NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia from this month. 

After ten years since its inception, the Unicorn Foundation has become a well-respected name within the neuroendocrine cancer community. Yet despite this and that the incidence of neuroendocrine tumours are on the rise, general awareness about neuroendocrine cancer is still very low.

To create greater recognition for our foundation and for the disease generally, we feel that introducing neuroendocrine cancer into our name will help to raise the profile of neuroendocrine tumours amongst the Australian general public, funders (government / non- government) and the medical community (GPs and specialists).

The shield with the unicorn’s horn, which also signifies our stepping-stones to finding a cure, will remain as our supporting logo to pay homage to our original branding.

In the coming weeks you will notice our communications rolling over from the Unicorn Foundation as we transform into NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia. This will start with our website launch in March and extend into our social media handles and all future communications.

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