Let’s WALK for NETs! was a 6 week VIRTUAL walk developed by NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia to help keep patients, carers, healthcare front-liners and the general public motivated during these unprecedented times.

This is a special page dedicated to tracking our weekly stats and a collection of images shared from our beautiful online community from all around Australia. 

Our 6 week challenge run from the 10th April until the 22nd May, 2020. Collectively we walked over 65 million steps (almost 50,000km)   #LetsWALKforNETs 

'Let's Walk for NETs' Final Stats


Combined number of steps completed throughout the ‘Let’s Walks for NETs’ challenge.



Combined distance travelled throughout the ‘Let’s Walk for NETs’ challenge.

Look at us go! A virtual map of our steps as we "walk" around Australia.

An incredible effort from all participants who were involved in #LetsWALKforNETs 

Throughout our 6 week challenge we walked over 65 million steps!!

That’s the equivalent of approximately 50,000 km – virtually, we have walked the entire perimeter of Australia mainland more than twice and trekked around Tasmania once!!

In total we had 73 teams registered and 197 individuals! Well done to everyone who participated in this amazing initiative!

As a final wrap up to our #LetsWalkForNETs campaign, here’s how the leader boards ended up.

Team Leader Board

IPSEN – Team Captain – Helen Hails, Over 9 million steps.  What an amazing effort.

Novartis – Team Captain – Aabha Shah, Nearly 9 million steps.

Novartis – Team Captain – Lance Boyd-Clark, Nearly 8 millions steps.

Individual Leader Board

Andi Bennett – Novartis, Over 1 million steps.  That’s more than 24,000 steps per day!

Mark Taylor – IPSEN, Nearly 900 thousand steps.

Jennifer Reed-Chahine, Nearly 800 thousand steps.

#LetsWALKforNETs images

A collection of images shared from our beautiful online community from all around Australia.

To be featured on this page make sure you use the hashtag #letswalkfornets and tag us @NECancerAus

Get Involved! Register for #LetsWALKforNETs

Register your details using the 10,000 Steps app/website.

You can login on your computer or download the app via your phones app store. 

Click this link to access the 10,000 Steps website and make sure you set your daily steps goal to 5,000!

Send your registration details to NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia.

Once you have registered with 10,000 Steps, please send an email to us using the same email address you used to register. We will then add you to our “Let’s WALK for NETs” Tournament.

Send all emails to: deanne@neuroendocrine.org.au 

Let’s WALK for NETs! 

Help us spread the word! From Friday 10th of April start walking! Accumulate as many steps as you can, making sure you record them in the 10,000 Steps app.

And don’t forget to get on social #LetsWALKforNETs