Neuroendocrine tumours: A guide for patients and carers
This booklet has been developed for people with neuroendocrine tumours (NET). It contains information to help understand diagnosis and treatment options. This booklet may also help when talking about NETs with family and friends.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Neuroendocrine tumours: A guide for healthcare professionals

This booklet has been developed for healthcare professionals to improve understanding and knowledge about neuroendocrine tumours (NETs). This booklet may be useful to pass on to your healthcare team.

About NETs
About NETs

This booklet contains useful general information about neuroendocrine cancers.

Associated Conditions
Associated Conditions

This booklet lists other medical conditions associated with neuroendocrine cancers.

Diet Factsheet

This booklet contains basic information on why diet is important for NETs patients and foods that may trigger your symptoms.


This booklet contains useful information around the various tests that may be used by your medical team to obtain a NET diagnosis.

Glossary of Terms

Being diagnosed with NETs can open up a whole world of new terminology. This glossary of terms will help you understand some of the frequently used terminology.

Living with a NET
Living with a NET

This booklet contains practical information about living with a NET.

Medical management
Medical Management

This booklet contains useful information about the types of treatment you may receive and the potential side effects of NETs treatment.

Nutrition and Neuroendocrine tumours
This booklet has been developed to provide information on the nutritional needs of people with NETs and how to manage issues that can involve nutrition. The booklet project was jointly funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and donations from our NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia community.
treatment and symptom management
Symptom Management and Treatment

This booklet contains important information about managing NET symptoms, palliative care and your prognosis.

symptoms and signs
Symptoms and Signs

This booklet outlines the common symptoms and signs of neuroendocrine cancers and carcinoids.


This booklet contains useful information regarding the types of treatment and treatment plans you may receive.