This World NET Cancer day we kick off by thanking our greater NETs Community and all our #NETsChampions for making each day a little easier.

Who is a ?

Anyone that has been a Champion in your life. While we champion for early diagnosis, these #NETsChampions are in the community making day to day living easier for those affected by NETs.

This year we know 15,000 Australians are living with NETs every day. We also work with so many health care professionals, carers and friends that we know our community is greater than this. For every patient there is an army of people working as a team in the back ground, a Doctor, nurse, family member, neighbour and loved ones that contribute to making the NETs journey more comfortable for all patients.

We want to shine the light on these #NETsChampions. The people who go above and beyond for our NET Community. We would like you to share their stories with us.

We have so many NETs patients that volunteer their time to advocate for newly diagnosed patients, drive awareness of NETs and support the greater NETs community by sharing their stories and being a shoulder to lean on.



Evan Robinson

Evan Robinson is my husband, my best friend and my carer. Words can’t express the love and gratitude I feel for his caring and love throughout my journey. He is always there, always ready to listen to my constant whingeing about my illness, he makes me laugh about myself and is always asking what he can do, how I am doing and how can he help. I couldn’t make this journey without him.

Professor Jas Samra

Professor Jas Samra is the leading surgeon in NSW in robotic pancreatic surgery. He used a robot to remove my NETs and he managed to save my spleen. I KNOW how fortunate I am because of him and his amazing ability and technology. Not is he only brilliant in his ability, but his manner of explaining things and having a wonderful bedside manner makes this whole adventure easier.

Mariana Andreotti Dias

My wife has had NETs for five years. Her fight continuous, because she was diagnosed at a late stage. She has 31 years old and she is a very strong person, PHD student, teacher and fighter.

Nominate your

If you know someone who should be recognised, we want to know about them. Send us the details of how they are adding sunshine to your day.

With the nominees permission, we will be building up a bigger picture of our NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia community so we can celebrate the positive difference they make to your life. Should you wish your #NETsChampion story to be shared please – nominate them here.

Multiple Nominations allowed – lucky you being surrounded by greatness!

We also hope to Fundraise along the way so we continue to drive awareness, support patients and participate in Clinical Trials. Donations start from $5 so please click to donate below after you have completed your nomination.

We would love you to share your #NETsChampion thanks on social media and be sure to tag #NETsChampion so we can repost.

Each week we will be randomly selecting #NETsChampions to send thank you hampers to, from their nominee & NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia.

Special thanks to Dermal Therapy skincare, UpUpparel socks, Who Gives a Crap, Carmex Lip balm, GaleGaurd face masks, Madame Flavour tea and Cat Hammill for kindly contributing to our #NETsChampion Hampers