New Normal, Same Cancer Campaign

COVID-19 has impacted life in so many ways: our family life, our social life, our work life. Many of us are limiting our interactions with others to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. But there is growing concern that people who have new or persistent health symptoms may be staying away from their doctor too.
NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia is proud to be involved in the New Normal Same Cancer movement, urging Australians to return to their doctors to get symptoms checked. You will see our very own Katie Golden and her family and Prof Nick Pavlakis in the campaign. Many thanks to both Katie and Nick who generously shared their time to play their part.


A key message of the campaign is that the earlier cancer is found the better –it means better treatment options and outcomes.

The campaign also aims to reassure people that whilst symptoms will most likely not be due to cancer, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

We are collaborating alongside Australia’s leading advocacy groups to share his important message, including:
Leukaemia Foundation, Rare Cancers Australia, Lympohoma Australia, Bowel Cancer Australia, Prostate Cancer Australia, Pink Hope, Lung Cancer Australia, So Brave, Pancare, Pankind and Ovarian Cancer Australia. 

Please share on social media among friends and family, and as community play a part in spreading awareness of NeuroEndocrine Cancer and the New Normal Same Cancer message. 

To find out more head across to the New Normal Same Cancer website to take a look.


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