The David Trophy raises funds and awareness for a second year in a row

The second annual David Trophy was held in late February at Manly Golf Club. 30 Sydney Davids competed for the Trophy this year with funds raised by the group again being donated to NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia.

The day was deemed a great success by all participants. The weather was ideal, the course looked great and was in perfect condition, and the quality of play was at the high standard expected of all Davids.

First placed winner of The David Trophy was David Watkins. This was remarkable as David also won last year’s event. Clearly inspired by the event and lifted by the competition, he says these are the best two rounds of golf he has ever played. Even more remarkable is that David broke his wrist eleven months ago, still managed to reduce his handicap and carry off this year’s Trophy.

Second placed and winner of The Unicorn Trophy was David Senior.

Manly Golf Club member David Lockwood tragically died from neuroendocrine carcinoma in May 2018 and the day is dedicated to his memory. David was a boating and fishing correspondent and columnist. Apart from spending time with the family, away from the waterways David loved nothing better than a game of golf. His wife Katherine, daughter Summer and son Sandy attended the prize giving and handed over the trophies.

Winner of the Goliath Award was David Epper. (This award is so named as in the contest between David and Goliath, Goliath came last.)

The Davids contributed  $800 this year but David Spears aims to grow the idea in future years and will continue to donate the receipts to NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia. David recognises that these cancers are not top of mind for charity donors and believes the Trophy can help raise awareness. He is appealing to golfing Davids across the country to join in. He can be contacted on and will be pleased to provide instructions to encourage participation.

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