NET Treatment and Wellness Care Plan

This document was designed designed in collaboration with the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre – A Richard Pratt Legacy (ACSC) to help NET cancer patients and families keep track of all aspects of their treatment and care. The document provides a central location to record important information related to your diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care.

NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia in collaboration with the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre – A Richard Pratt Legacy (ACSC) have developed a care plan for patients with NETS called a ‘Treatment and wellness plan’. You can use the plan as a record of your NET diagnosis, your treatment and your treatment team and a reminder of special instructions to follow.

The care plan begins with general information about you (background information) and is then divided into 3 three sections as follows:

  • Treatment summary (a record of your treatment to date)
  • Follow-up plan (information about your follow-up appointments and what to expect)
  • Living with NETs (wellness plan)

We understand no single plan is suitable for everyone. Filling in the information is optional and you don’t have to fill it in all at once. There may be sections that you leave blank or come back to add more information at a later stage, should things change. NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia / ASCS provide permission to use or adapt the survivorship care plan template for personal use.

Special instructions for NET patients when filling out the plan:

  • It is important to be aware of your goals of care
  • Work out the sections you want to fill in
  • Decide how much detail you wish to have in your form
  • If you have had your NET diagnosis for many years consider limiting the information to your most recent treatments
  • You will need your specific NET information on hand (details about diagnosis and treatments you have had, for example type of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, other medication)
  • Ask your treatment team for information that is specific to you, they may be able to help you fill in further details and explain any terms that are not clear
  • Check with your treatment team about how to access information about your treatment that is not readily available
  • Share your plan with your treatment team, and GP or general practice nurse.
  • Enter the relevant information about yourself onto the form and save it, or print it out and fill the in the information for your records